Who are we?

The Hard Tech Fund is a startup development program founded by Hyperloop at UC Davis , Space and Satellite Club , Blockchain at Davis , Bioinnovation Group at UC Davis, and Quantum Computing at UC Davis. All of these clubs have built or assisted in the construction of hardware that will help decrease emissions , reconstruct supply chains, and change the public perspective on environmental conservation. They wanted a dedicated space for their members and the UC Davis community to build hardware with this mission in mind. This 10 week program during the summer session will provide the time, funding, and workshops necessary to turn these projects into products for future licensing or as the basis of future businesess.

What is our program?

We run a program that takes a hardware project from ideation to minimum viable product (MVP).

June 19 - June 21: Program Kickoff
June 24th - June 28th: Week 1 - Establishment of production timelines and business roadmaps
July 1st - July 5th: Week 2 - Product design, beginning of manufacturing
July 8th - July 12th: Week 3 - Establishment of bill of materials, manufacturing techniques
July 15th - July 19th: Week 4 - Manufacturing
July 22nd - July 26th: Week 5 - Round 1 of testing
July 29th - August 2nd: Week 6 - Tweaking of first MVP
August 5th - August 9th: Week 7 - Manufacturing part 2
August 12th - August 17th: Week 8 - Scaling of processes
August 19th - August 21st: Pitch practice
August 28th: Demo Day to investors and possible clients in San Francisco. 7-9pm at Mousebelt Headquarters.

We are still looking for speakers for each of these weeks and attendees for demo day.
If you would like to speak during our program, email kdesh@ucdavis.edu
If you would like to attend our demo day, email check out the event

First Cohort Teams
Neutron is a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) for electric vehicles (EVs). This HESS has the advantage of fast charging (80 miles in 7 minutes with a 150 kW charger), a longer lifetime and a reduced thermal management system.

Interested? Contact Anish Kumar Sinha for more info.

PlastiCoin is a blockchain based platform for recycling plastic. It's a cryptocurrency which is rewarded to people who recycle their plastic in smart-bins produced by us. With PlastiCoin, we want to tap into the power of communities to contribute to the recycling of plastic, and put back into use the millions of tonnes of plastic that is thrown away every year. Its our generation that decides whether the Earth at the end of the 21st century becomes a home for a thriving human civilization, or a wasteland full of towers of garbage.

Interested? Contact Gabe Ketron for more info.

Environmental Sensor Project
The environmental sensor project is a project to build a system that would use a set of infrared cameras and other sensors to create a full sensor suite for understanding atmospheric and environmental changes. It was completed as a project for the Space and Satellite Systems club at UC Davis, an organization manufacturing and launching a cube satelite into low earth orbit.

Interested? Contact Kiana Choubak for more info.

Partners and Sponsors
UC Davis VentureCatalyst
UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst facilitates the translation of University research and technology by driving the development of new ventures.
Student Startup Center at UC Davis
We are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to making the world a better place, one startup at a time. We partner with industry giants like Intel and LinkedIn to bring ideas to life through hackathons and seed funding.
Surcle is an end-to-end online ecosystem designed to bring hardware products to life. Our network brings together engineers and innovators with projects from major corporations, startups, and institutions globally. The Surcle community thrives on the expertise and creativity of its members to solve hardware, engineering and manufacturing challenges.
Mousebelt University
Mousebelt is building a community of universities from all over the world enabling students to collaborate, share ideas, and enhance their understanding of blockchain.

We are still looking for partners and sponsors who can provide us tools to build products or fiscal support. In exchange, we provide product reviews and social media exposure, amongst other incentives. Looking to partner with us? Email smsandeep@ucdavis.edu

Samarth Sandeep President, Co-Founder
Lisa Illes Founding Club Leader | Bioinnovation Group
Duha Bader Founding Club Leader | Space and Satellite Systems
Sach Samala Founding Club Leader | Blockchain at Davis, Co-Founder
Gabriel Ketron Workshop Director
Kaustubh Deshpande Co-COO
Adarsh Umarani Co-COO
Delahny Deivendran Tools and Facilities Director, Co-Founder
Zach Chua Accounts Director, Co-Founder
Faraz Cherukattil Application Director
Linda Huang Lead Designer
Hasan Rahman Business Strategy Director
Kirk McGregor Advisor

Tara Soudbaksh Certified Lab Advisor
Stuart Scolaro Certified Lab Advisor
Ayushman Mathur Lead Business Advisor